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How difficult is it to find grounds for playing different sports? Funshalla provides just the right playing on the ground experience for your kids, their friends and family to enjoy. The artificial turf grounds offer you an opportunity for playing multicultural sports tournament in Mumbai..


Cricket-02 FootBall


Team building games like cricket, football, volleyball etc are important for a child to learn about team spirit. Cricket involves rigorous activity, focusing ability, agility and loads of patience. An Indian kid is often introduced to playing with bat & ball during their toddler stage. Funshalla takes this interest
further to playing cricket on specially designed artificial turf grounds in Mumbai. You can book the nearest avenue and enjoy playing cricket with family and friends.


Football is a sport that involves varying degrees of body movements, beneficial for a child’s overall physical development. The sport improves endurance and immunity. Understanding the benefits of sports, Funshalla provides a wide range of football turf grounds in Mumbai around you, which you can book
online and get the best opportunity for your kids to grow with sports. Funshalla offers one of the best sports coaching in Mumbai. Book now.


Badminton is a much relaxing sport that your kid can enjoy with friends and family. Funshalla provides one of the best turf grounds for a fun-loving sport experience. Badminton helps in maintaining physique and muscle toning. It improves the metabolic rate, increases concentration and reflex action. It
majorly works on the flexibility of the muscle and muscle strength. Badminton is one such game that is fun for all age groups and moreover kids would enjoy playing it with their parents and family. Book your slot now at Funshalla and enjoy playing the game.


Basket Ball

When kids learn how to basket a ball, they learn other sport skills like dribbling and high jump. Basketball works on the mental awareness as it requires the players to be extremely active, focussed and zestful while playing. Playing basketball propels the overall physical development especially improving the height and weight factors. It is difficult to find basketball courts in the urban city, Funshalla thus provides you with just the right basketball turf set up and a wide range of basketball turf courts around you. You can book a slot at Funshalla and experience the fun of playing it with family and friends.

Lawn Tennis

Whether you’ve never picked up a tennis racket or you’ve not touched your tennis kit for a long time, it’s never too late to catch up for a game. We just talk about weight loss and fitness but games like lawn tennis are beneficial for immunity and agility. Lawn tennis is a perfect social activity, improves balance
and it acts as a stress buster after a long week. Funshalla believes in fitness and promotes the idea of health and stress relief, thus like all other sports Funshalla provides you with the best of lawn tennis turf ground. The assimilation of a ground set up will encourage you to come and experience the fun.


Table Tennis

Table tennis is just the exact game that you would want to play for a quick stress relief. In the course of the game, you build upon your hand-eye coordination, maintain your mental health, and improve balance and flexibility. It proves to strengthen your core muscles and works majorly on your reflexes

For table tennis that comes with its many health benefits, Funshalla offers you just the right table tennis set up. You can now book a convenient slot and enjoy the game with family and friends.


Volleyball is a physically demanding sport that involves certain skills and athletic ability. Playing volleyball has several advantages like improving core muscle strength, mental awareness, stretches the muscles in turn improving the flexibility of the muscle tissues. Knowing many other health benefits of
playing volleyball, any urbanite would pick up a ball and start serving, volleying, spiking and bumping. But how difficult is it to find a spacious ground to play in this busy city of Mumbai? Funshalla replicates the perfect Volleyball ground for the inter-school tournaments, after school sports coaching and team building activities. Book your slot now on the Funshalla App and enjoy
the game.


Throw Ball

Volleyball is a sport enjoyed by professionals and newbies alike. Like any other sport, it brings people together. There are many physical and mental benefits of playing volleyball. It is the experience that matters and you probably will not get the same experience playing in your building compound.  Now you can look through the entire list of Volleyball places around you and book a spot for yourself. Download Funshalla App.


Playing chess has proved to benefit the overall cognitive development of all ages. As we play chess, the one who benefits from it is the one who can make use of the square board in real life situations. It works on developing certain core skills of your mental ability like focus, decision making, awareness and resilience to bounce back. You can encourage your kids to engage in mind games like chess and diversify their thinking ability to gain a broader perspective about real-life situations.



Carrom provides a great chance for family and friends to get together and have a relaxing and fun game time. Many Indian families enjoy playing carrom on trips, weekends and family get together. It helps one practice skills of aiming and focussing on the target. Get away from the busy life and enjoy some quality time with family and friends at Funshalla. Choose a slot as per your
convenience and enjoy playing carrom.

Board games

Board game is an excellent remedy for a world that is constantly distracted by blinking screens. Board games are fun when played actively with friends and family. It is one of the best alternatives to spend quality and constructive time with a group. Board games are also rich in learning opportunities as it requires one to follow the rules of the games and play it with focus. Children learn how
to lose or win gracefully as it creates a healthy competitive environment. Funshalla provides you with a variety of board games to enjoy and have fun.

Shot of a fitness group working out at the gym

Fitness Activities

Some find it boring to hit the gym, workout alone and exercise on their own. It becomes so much fun when we do it in a group. It helps to boost the motivation level to do the exercises and encourages us to learn with the group. Funshalla along with many sport activities, sports coaching and kids play activities, offers a great opportunity to mix with a group and train you in other
fitness activities. Funshalla organizes events that will encourage you to engage in fitness in a light, fun and interesting way.

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