Adventure zone


There’s no doubt in how kids get excited and happy when they see a trampoline. They love to jump, fall, and rise and do it all over again. Kids play area at Funshalla is equipped with adventurous games like these that are hard for your kid to enjoy in this urban city life. Trampolining might just be a jumping fun activity for little ones but in reality, it helps your child to gain

benefits like balancing, improving posture, strengthen core muscles and help blood circulation and tissue functioning. Let your kids get into the groove of the thrilling and fun-loving adventure activities at Funshalla.



Funshalla has designed the adventure zone with activities that are rare to find in any ordinary indoor playarea. Zip liner is one such adventure that will give your child an amazing experience. They will learn how activities like zip liner, wall climbing etc are a major part of the mountain climbing sport. They will want to know more of how and where all these activities are applicable in real
life. Thus, while they experience the thrill of these activities, they will also gain a lot of knowledge and practical understanding about them

Wall Climbing

Wall climbing is like rock climbing and can be done indoor and outdoor. It’s a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber’s agility, endurance and balance along with his or her mental control. Wall climbing is an adventurous activity for the kids as they learn different techniques to complete the route. They gain awareness about how important
it is to follow instructions to complete the task successfully and safely. It helps them gain confidence and self-control through attempts of trial and error. Wall climbing is one such learning game where kids explore, learn, experience and
have fun.


Foam Pool

Kids have a lot of fun in exploring different textures, feeling them and playing with them. Funshalla gives them an exclusive adventure zone with a foam pool that is filled with spongy foam blocks. As and when kids are introduced to these kinds if new materials while playing, they learn how different materials
have different properties. They explore how sponge gives them a bounce while jumping. Thus, playing in a pool full of foam blocks gives kids a thrilling, fun and joyful feeling.

Rope Zone

The rope zone area is specially designed for the kids to gain the experience of how to balance and move ahead. They learn how co-ordinate their hand and feet to move ahead. In the course of this activity they build up on focus, upper body strength as well as strengthening grip and confidently completing the task. Funshalla has one of the best adventure zones to provide your little one a
stress buster and a way to channelize their energies in a much interesting and fun-loving way.

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