Activities we offer @ Funshalla

Sand Play

Sand play helps children grow in many ways. Shape formation or building castles & moats with sand promotes the development of their fine motor skills.
The sand texture helps them to build their sense of different surfaces. Simply burying their body or the feeling of their body in sand builds a sense of their
body relative to space. Thus, sand play has an important role in perspective building. The sand play can be included in the umbrella of educational games
as it includes important brainchild development activity.


Toddler Zone

A zone where toddlers hop & jump, fall and rise. With all these exercises they unknowingly master the sense of their body in space and body movements.
They gain physical strength and learn to balance. The fun run in toddler’s zone with friends of their age helps them to outgrow and explore behaviours of
others while they play. While the little ones are left free to play on their own, they independently invent their game that they enjoy and at times involve the
kids around to play with them. This, in turn, develops co-ordination with others and the confidence to be heard in a group.


Workout Zone

The workout zone is designed to build a sense of fitness & health in an early stage. The exercises help them develop better co-ordination & inculcate a sense of healthy lifestyle during their growing stage itself. Working out exercises in an early age in a way becomes an adventure for kids as they

explore how fitness improves their energy level. Working out also helps them to channelize energies and direct them in the right way. Funshalla thus features the gym with equipment’s to suit the age group and make fitness an adventure game rather than just simple exercises. Fitness exercise optimizes body
functioning, increases the blood circulation to the brain that becomes extremely crucial for brainchild development.


Shopping & Kitchen

Shopping and kitchen role play helps kids develop a positive self-image. The imitation and enactment of an adult life help them gain awareness and a better understanding of their social environment. The kitchen role plays help them develop their language skills and builds their leadership qualities. It generates an idea for parents about their child’s perspective about life through their role play behaviors. The role play games in playschool age enhance the brainchild development as they stimulate the brain to assimilate to adult life situations. Educational games undoubtedly improve the thinking ability but
role play games in playschool work with their emotional quotient and emotional development.


Soft Zone

The soft zone play area includes the slide with a ball pool, shooting gun, wave slide and punching bag. Soft zones are specially designed to let kids explore
different activities that develop aspects of their well-being. There are different kinds of play that the indoor play zones target- physical play- that includes
running, jumping, climbing. Imaginative play- kitchen and shopping role play, story making. Intelligent play that includes critical thinking and problem solving
while the use of puzzles and building blocks.


Block Zone

Building block towers and positioning blocks help kids to gain finger strength enhancing their grip. It improves their eye-hand co-ordination helping them
build focus and concentration. The toppling of towers and re-building helps them gain the confidence to do it right the next time. It gives them dimensional awareness and teaches them early math as they count the number of blocks.
The construction activity enhances the skills of problem-solving and it accelerates the child’s brain development. This game specially designed for
the toddler play area is an adventurous game where they explore how to place the correct block on top of the other.


Library Zone

Reading develops the child’s mind. It sets a strong base for writing language skills. It helps bud new ideas & gain knowledge over many topics. Reading not
only improves reading skills but pools new words for the child. The more they read about different topics, it encourages the child to understand different perspectives. To give the best reading experience to little ones, Funshalla offers a wide range of books on different topics and concepts. The library zone
is interestingly designed in such a way that it will encourage your child to pick a book and start exploring.


Ball Pool Zone

Ball pool activity is extremely exciting for toddlers as they enjoy jumping, toppling, throwing. In the course of these play actions, they develop on
balancing & fine motor skills of gripping and throwing the ball. It helps in the
brain child development as throwing balls and catching them gives them the
idea of judging the speed as well as the direction of the ball. The fun-run in
toddler’s zone will help them outgrow and mix within their age group to enjoy



Climbing the slide and sliding down is an exercise that requires a child to use his whole body. This in turn improves immunity, strength, resilience to bounce
back and play the game all over again. Sliding is a fun-loving experience for a kid and no matter how tiring we may find climbing but to experience the
sliding down fun, a child will climb it repeatedly. In this course of action, the kid builds up on his physical ability in turn improving immunity.

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