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Playing sports is pretty awesome, Lets make it more awesome with Funshalla sportz Finest turf in South Mumbai.
Our Vision is to promote every sport in INDIA and convert Sports from being a Hobby to a Habit in our lives.


Cricket-02 FootBall


Cricket is Indian Religious Sports. It is one of the most played sports in our country. Your passion for cricket is shared by us as well. Funshalla Sportz takes your favourite sport from gullies to authentic cricket grounds. You can now look for cricket venues around you and book online as well. download Funshalla App and reignite your passion for cricket.


Football as a sport has the ability to bring the world together. It's a passion shared by many. We are here to serve that purpose for you. FunshallaSportz provides you with a wide range of football venues and turfs to choose from. You can now book these venues and turfs online with the help of Funshalla Apps and make this process completely hassle free. Finding the right place for your favourite sport was never this simple Get your cleats on and book now on


The exclusive list of grounds here on Funshalla Sportz. We have listed down one of the best grounds around. You can select one as per your needs, book convenient slot for yourself and enjoy a good game.


Basket Ball

It is because of the nature of the sport that it's arduous to find a right place to play basketball. You either play in your backyard or you just don't play with an excuse of not having a right place to play what you love. Now you don't need to play on those makeshift courts and can give up on those excuses as Funshalla Sportz brings to you an array of basketball courts around you.

Lawn Tennis

Love playing tennis? Then you got to check out the exclusive grounds here on Funshalla Sportz, book convenient slot for yourself and enjoy a good game.



Volleyball is a sport enjoyed by professionals and newbies alike. Like any other sport, it brings people together. There are many physical and mental benefits of playing volleyball. It is the experience that matters and you probably will not get the same experience playing in your building compound.  Now you can look through the entire list of Volleyball places around you and book a spot for yourself. Download Funshalla App.

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